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Performance reviews
Management investigations & verification
Competitors research
Mergers & acquisition compliance
Project appraisals
Tender specifications
Site options appraisal

The decisions and problems involved in attempting to assess the suitability of a company unknown to a potential lender, potential joint venture, merger or acquisition partners, are amongst the most complex which the management of any company may have to face. A company usually presents a wealth of information at finance application stage, but how can they verify its accuracy (merger/acquisition) particularly in a global situation? Without very careful preliminary investigation and research, the loss of time and costs in recovery can be substantial.

The need for external advice arises from:

Verification of corporate assets
Confirmation of legal corporate status
Personal criminal record and credit rating identification of company directors
Management team composition and due diligence investigation
Verify Marketing/Financial Feasibility Studies and Business Plans as to their effectiveness
Project concept identification

We are able to travel, at a moment’s notice, to any part of the world to investigate a company and / or project, its correct legal and economic status, management and corporate documentation, and report verbally and in writing to our Client.

Since 1983, our international project experience enables us to identify companies and projects and verify their documentation as factual and truthful.