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  • equity / debt funding
  • joint venturing
  • partnerships
  • project loans & start ups
  • management performance
  • investigation
  • private placement memorandums
  • support services
  • loan syndication
  • financial advisory services
  • operational auditing

Since 1983, The Vitala Group has been raising project financing, we receive numerous applications for all types of project financing and as we do not act as finance brokers we recommend the most appropriate source for a project’s evaluation.

Project financing is based on the merits and risk aspects of the project rather than on security and corporate considerations.

The key to project financing is risk allocation and management. The risks associated with a new project can be identified and managed by allocating them to those who are best equipped to deal with them. The process ensures that a more sensible and therefore more financeable project risk profile is attained enabling the successful realisation of promising new projects.

It should be kept in mind that we always represent the client’s best interests, not those of underwriters or investors.

We do not charge up-front fees or any other hidden fees for Project Financing
We charge a success fee only

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