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International Developers, Managers and Consultants to the Leisure, Tourism and Themed Entertainment Industry

Vitalex Marketing

(formerly Vitalex Inc)

MARKETING: merchandise, services, cause-related

ADVERTISING: radio, television, print, internet

SPECIAL EVENTS: promotions, fund raisers, festivals

RESEARCH: focus groups; surveys, viability

PRESENTATIONS: workshops/seminars/training programs

SPONSORSHIP: products, projects start-ups

GRANTS: search, identification, applications





Established in 1997 as a multi-dimensional marketing and media services company, VitAlex Inc., has earned its reputation as a prominent and reliable consulting firm offering a diverse range of interactive services. It is this diversity that makes the company so unique

Major Marketing Services

Strategic Planning
Research & Analysis
Market Feasibility Studies
Psychographic Identification
Cause & Municipal Marketing
Image Enhancement & Design
Customer Service Evaluation
Consumer Business & Competitive Intelligence Services

The effectiveness of any marketing program may be the single most important factor in determining the success of a business. Through comprehensive research, it is possible to determine an available market size, a target consumer, and the lifestyle trends associated with that group.

Using this information, our analysts determine the most effective methods for exposing the identified demographic group to your product or service. Subsequently, an image enhancement program is designed to build confidence in the quality and value of a product and / or service.


Campaign Design
Media Negotiations
Corporate Presentations
Tracking and Measurability
TV and Radio Copy Writing and Production

By combining a knowledge of advertising mediums and marketing strategies with specific information about the target demographic and sales objectives, an exact advertising plan is developed. This maximizes the value of the advertising budget, creates top of mind awareness & name recognition, and generates a measurable response.

Scope of Special Events Services

Festivals and Galas
Custom Event Creation
Existing Event Evaluation
Concerts and Grand Openings
Event Planning and Production
Celebrity AppearancesSpecialized

Special events provide an opportunity to reach a niche market without waste, generate traffic, promote sales, attract new sponsors, raise funds for cause-related activities, and enhance corporate or product image.

Press Relations and Publicity

Story Line Identification
Press Release Generation
Media / Trade Publication
Press Conference Coordination
Special Events Tie-ins
Public Service Campaigns

Press Relations and Publicity

Assets Analysis
Category Profiling
Strategy Design
Pricing and Packaging
Presentation and Negotiation
Proof of Performance Reports

Creating an on-going line of communication between a business and the media can have a tremendous impact on visibility and help to establish a leadership position in a specified industry. It is valuable to have media experts identify potential story lines, prepare press and media releases and related information, and distribute that information to the appropriate publications.

Proper evaluation of events, properties, or projects will determine what assets are sponsorable, what sponsors hold the greatest potential for participation and what level of Return On Investment is necessary to assure a mutually beneficial and sustainable relationship.

Of particular interest to most developers is our emphasis on raising sponsorship funds for projects, before major development costs are incurred.