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International Developers, Managers and Consultants to the Leisure, Tourism and Themed Entertainment Industry


We are often approached by brokers and other parties wishing to represent The Vitala Group of Companies.

In order to evaluate individual applications, please write to:

Global Finance & Investment Division
The Vitala Group of Companies

And we will forward the requirements.

Please note the information below regarding Brokers and Representatives:

1) Do we pay commissions to intermediaries for projects introduced?

YES we do, on a project by project basis, subject to a loan having been concluded.

a) The commission is paid from the Vitala Group’s success fee.

b) Any commissions are paid once a loan has been placed.

2) Who pays the Broker’s commission? WE DO, subject to individual Commission Agreements entered into with our Group.

Brokers often obtain a separate finder’s fee/commission fee from a client, in addition to the commission payable by the Vitala Group.

3) Do we permit Brokers / Representatives to charge an upfront fee / payment and / or contract with a project applicant whether or not under the assumption that this will help / assist a project finance application, or as a prelude to introducing the Vitala Group’s project finance services? NO, not under any circumstances.

4) Do we permit a Broker / Commissioned Agent / Representative to charge an additional fee to a client? YES, in addition to any commissions receivable from us, provided a client agrees to this beforehand – but ONLY commission fees, not other charges.

If and when, (in exceptional circumstances), our view is that a project will not be able to be financed, we will state this clearly at the conclusion of the site visit.

Projects which do not appear to be profitable and are not able “to stand on their own feet” fall into this category.

As we only receive a success fee, we are not in the market to speculate upon opportunities.

We are obviously interested in pursuing projects which indicate commercial opportunities and those have to be measured by international feasibility standards.

As we are in the business to finance projects, by forming financing syndicates to reduce capital risks, you will appreciate that our procedures are fair, legally and ethical correct and we are not interested in applications which do not understand the need for timely and streamlined procedures.

All communications are issued and/or confirmed, in writing by us, to leave no doubts as regards what has been said or agreed upon, by the various parties involved.

5) Are brokers / commission agents / intermediaries permitted to represent the Vitala Group of Companies? NO. Brokers/ intermediaries are simply acting as “introducers”.

They are not employed nor trained by Vitala Group companies. They act on their own behalf against commission payments. We are not responsible for their statements or declarations.