VITALA INTELLIGENCE .... a name synonymous with international business and competitive intelligence services .....

ASK..... AND WE KNOW.......
What your competitors are up to........?

How well does your company match up to external corporate threats ......?

Are there any potential joint ventures or other alliances in development, which will affect your company and it's products / services ……?

What new products are currently in development and are soon to be introduced into the market place ........?

These are just some of the questions corporate entities need to be aware of to stay competitive in today's global commercial environment.

conducts primary and secondary business and competitive intelligence research, ranging from quick and limited search assignments to customised research, studies and all types of analyses.

provides wide ranging corporate intelligence services, within the international tourism, leisure and entertainment/ attraction industry.

Identifies, sources, researches, collects data, studies & reports upon:

Leisure Products

Hotel & Motel Operations

Theme Parks and Water Parks

Resorts & Casinos

Industry Suppliers

Cruise Ship Operations

Airlines and their Customers

In-Home Entertainment Merchandise

Monitoring Business Legislation

Global Industry Trends

Business Plan Support

Loyalty Programme Measurements

Branding Issues

Sales & Distribution Networks

Manufacturing Strategy

Surveys & Focus Groups