Vitala Information Technology & Computer Systems
is the information technology arm of the Vitala Group.

Typically, for new project builds, VITACS’ clients require a cost-effective, reliable, resilient, efficient and secure network system design service.

VITACS uses a systematic top-down network design methodology using
a PDIOO (Plan, Design, Implement, Operate, Optimize) structured network design process.

The major components of the methodology include:

Identification of Client Information Technology
Needs and Goals

Analysis of Business Goals and Constraints Affecting Network Design

  • Analysis of business goals
  • Identifying the scope of the network design project
  • Identification of client’s network applications
  • Analysis of business constraints
  • Analysis of budgetary and staffing constraints

Analysis of Technical Goals and Trade-offs

  • Scalability and expansion planning
  • Scalability constraints analysis
  • System availability and disaster recovery analysis
  • Specification of availability requirements
  • Network performance analysis
  • Network security analysis
  • Network manageability analysis
  • Network usability analysis
  • Network adaptability analysis
  • Network affordability analysis

Characterisation of network traffic

  • Traffic flow characterisation
  • Identification of Major Traffic Sources
  • Types of traffic flow characterisation
  • Documentation of traffic flow
  • Traffic load characterisation
  • Calculation of theoretical traffic load
  • Documentation of application usage patterns
  • Estimation of traffic load invoked by routing protocols
  • Characterisation of traffic behaviour
  • Characterisation of Quality of Service (QoS) requirements
  • Documentation of QoS requirements

Logical Network Design

Network Topology Design

  • Hierarchical network design
  • Modular network design
  • Secure network topology design

Addressing and numbering model design

  • Address assignment using hierarchical models
  • Naming model design

Switching and routing protocol selection

Network Security Strategy Development

  • Network security design
  • Security mechanism selection
  • Modularising security design

Network Management Strategy Development

  • Network management design
  • Network management architecture selection
  • Network management tools and protocols selection

Physical Network Design

Technology and hardware selection

  • LAN cabling design
  • Hardware specification and selection
  • Software specification and selection
  • WAN design
  • Remote user device selection
  • Central site device selection
  • Router selection
  • WAN/ISP service provider selection