Within the Vitala Group services offered, are the following environmental and ecological considerations that are associated with project development and management in general:

Environmental Impact Assessments

Co-ordinating in-house and external consultants in order to produce a balancedinterpretation of the pros and cons of the development and its impact upon the environment and project

Master Planning

Providing an environmental design solution, coupled with economic viability assessments, in order to obtain the optimum return from the development proposal, economically, ethically and environmentally

Landscape Planning and Design

Ensuring the development addresses location in an environmentally sympathetic and sustainable manner whilst at the same time creating memorable spaces for the users, whether they are residents or guests


Employing imagination and sensitivity to the built form of the development, whether from in-house consultants or through liaison with client appointed consultants


Identifying the environmental potential of the development and interpreting these to the benefit of the project location